About the Creator

Shane Killian, the creator of Bogosity, is currently the Dean of the Institute for Completely Bogus Studies and the President and head researcher at its Center for Applied Bogosity. He holds two BhDs, one for Applied Bogosity and one for Quantum Bogodynamics.

His thesis for Applied Bogosity dealt with the injection of bogons into the information stream during the printing process. Even after a piece of text is proofread on the screen, bogons introduce spelling mistakes when printed that absolutely were not there before. The more involved the process, the greater potential for corruption by bogons; printing one-thousand copies in an expensive four-color process can often come up with at least one annoying typo due to bogon injection. The interesting thing he found is that the corruption also travels backwards along the information stream, corrupting previously printed copies as well as the original computer file. This is seen as an important confirmation of sillystring theory.

His thesis for Quantum Bogodynamics sought to answer the age-old question of odd socks coming out of the dryer. He discovered that socks act as bogon sinks, soaking up the bogons generated by the spinning motion of the dryer. This causes one sock in a pair to disappear until a very inopportune moment, such as after one has given up and thrown the other sock away, or finding it behind the sofa covered in last month’s curry. This bogon sink plays an important role in protecting the rest of the clothes, and it is therefore not advised that you wash your clothes without your socks. “I tried that once,” he warns, “and my underwear came out pink. Damn bogons!”

His primary research is in the field of skepticism. He has discovered that skeptics play two bogodynamic roles. In one case, they can act as a bogon filter. In the case of, say, a dowser who suddenly cannot find the hidden water when a skeptic is present, this is often misattributed to bad vibes or negative energy coming from the skeptic; in reality, the skeptic is acting as a bogon filter, preventing the dowser from emitting bogons in the course of his performance.

In another case, they act as a cluon emitter. When called to speak or debate when a bogon emitter is present, their knowledge causes cluons to be emitted, which annihilate the bogons. This effect is limited by the fact that the skeptic is usually not given equal time or not allowed to speak uninterrupted, as well as the presence of futons in the host and the audience members.

He has recently obtained his BhD in Macrobogonomics. Currently, he currently spends most of his spare time trying to confirm the existence of the sarcasitron.