Episode Guide

Episode 1: Astrology – Why astrology is bogus, using science to refute the principles and techniques used by astrologers. Watch

Episode 2: Creationism – Creationists try to deny well-established science, from evolution to the Big Bang. It’s all a pack of lies, of course. Watch

Episode 3: Lunar Lunacy – Some people say we never landed on the moon. This episode debunks that pathetically idiotic conspiracy theory, as expressed in Bart Sibrel’s film “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.” Watch

Episode 4: The War on Drugs – This isn’t a subject that skeptics usually tackle, but maybe that should change. The War on Drugs, and the claims made in its support, is every bit as bogus as creationism and the moon landing hoax. Watch

Episode 5: The Bible Codes – Debunking the idea that hidden messages can be found in the Bible that predict future events. This episode marks a first for Bogosity: a special guest, Lee Graham, contributing video specifically for this episode. Watch

Episode 6: The Law of Attraction – Debunks the Law of Attraction, as described by the movie “The Secret,” and covers quantum mechanics, the placebo effect, and other things that they get astoundingly wrong. Watch

Episode 7: Pareidolia – Pareidolia refers to the human tendency to see faces and other patterns in noise. It can be for fun, like seeing patterns in clouds, but sometimes people start thinking that the things they are seeing are really there. Watch

Episode 8: Election Polls – The news organizations claim that their election polls are scientific. This episode explains the science behind polls and surveys and why election polls are unreliable at best. Watch

Episode 9: Lunar Lunacy II – More on the moon hoax conspiracy, showing not only that the conspiracy theory is bogus, but that you can’t trust a word that those hawking the theory say. Watch